A new technology in multi-layer (composite) pipes that combined plastic and metal. Such new feature gives our pipes rigidity as well as flexibility where minimum fittings are consumed.


  • The Factory is located in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia.
  • The Factory is under construction and expected completion and start production by 4th quarter 2022.
  • The factory management and their sales personnel can source 16-32 mm pipes and its fittings in a quick manner ensuring customer full satisfaction

for any inquiry or to place an order … please contact:

“This product will change the way we connect utility pipes in any building (either residential, commercial, educational, or governmental) …. Easy to install, less fittings, leak-free, long life (more than 50 years), durable, and healthy for drinking water. It is a revolution in utility pipes”.
- Rifd Industry Company President


Rifd Smart Pipe 16 mm 100 ~200 m roll

also available pipe size in:

– 20 mm
– 25 mm
– 32 mm

Rifd Smart Pipes

– can be ordered also in bars (not coiled) 5m long

Rifd Smart Fittings

All kind of reliable fittings are available:
– Press-fit
– Push-fit
– Slid-fit
– Screw

Metallic (e.g brass) or Plastic fittings are also available

free tools kit can be provided with large orders **


can be easily bend by hand

  • up to 5x diameter

can be easily cut by scissors

  • one-handed cutter

required less fittings as the pipe flexible
to maneuver 
inside the building similar to
electrical conduit

  • save time and money
  • and would ensure leak free inside the
    walls, floor, and roofs

fittings installation is more than simple

  • save a lot of time in the execution work
  • workers can easily grasp the knowledge in the installation guidelines
  • press fit can be done by manual or
    electrical pressing clamp

suitable for hot & cold water and safe for drinking water

  • can sustain hot water temperature of 90 °C
  • can sustain high pressure up to (145 psi) 10 bar
  • can be also used for compressed air as
    well as GAS distribution system inside
    domestic and commercial buildings.

due to the existence of aluminum material inside the pipe wall

  • it has far less linear thermal expansion than other plastic pipes.
  • it creates oxygen barriers (no corrosion)
  • add strength to the pipe wall so it reducesthe required pipe thickness that makes the pipe more lighter than any other metallic or plastic pipes
  • high degree of flexibility