News and Events

June 2019: Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) has opened the file for our soft loan request and an access was given to their online system to continue the process of loan application via the SIDF online platform.

May 2019: Rifd Industry Company held an official meeting with Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) pertaining the soft loan that will be provided to our Rifd Pipe Factory. SIDF provides up to 50% of total Capex. The meeting was attended by SIDF’s Technical, Marketing, and Credit teams.

March 2019: Rifd Industry Company released video that shows the good construction at its Rifd Pipe Factory that is being constructed in Jubail Industrial City. The progress reached 20% where the main foundation concrete poured and covered with bitumen.  Here is the link to the video

February 2019: Rifd Industry Company attend a major event where government launched National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP). It was a golden opportunity to meet with big figures in our government such ministers and deputy ministers such as Mr. Khalid Al Falih, Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources.

December 2018: Rifd Industry Company is proud that its Rifd Pipe Factory has been reported in one of the worldwide respected publication for pipes industry. KWD-globalpipe is German firm that keeps up to speed records and reports on pipes industry.

September 2018: Rifd Industry Company signed a “Supply Agreement” with Kirby International to supply 4,500 m2 steel structure building (Hangar) for its “Rifd Pipe Factory” which is under construction at Jubail Industrial city, Saudi Arabia.

August 2018: Rifd-Industry Company made a project walkthrough to follow the construction progress at its Rifd Pipe Factory project site. The site leveling and excavations – for concrete foundations and underground pipes/cables – activities are on progress.

May 2018 Temporary site offices and facilities were unloaded and installed safely at Rifd Pipe Factory project site at Jubail Industrial city, Saudi Arabia.

March 2018: Rifd-Industry received the “Permit to Construct” from Royal Commission (Jubail head office) and commence the construction activities at project site.

Feb 2018: Rifd-Industry signed the Construction contract with “Gulf Builder Contracting Company” to construct “Rifd Pipe factory” in unit-rate/re-measured basis.

Dec 2017: Rifd-Industry awarded the Construction contract to one of major contracting company in the field of industrial factories “Gulf Builder Contracting Company”. The contractor will carry out all the construction activities for Rifd Pipe factory in unit-rate/re-measured basis.

Dec 2017: Rifd-Industry signs  Land Lease Agreement (LLA) with Royal Commission (RC) – the industrial land authority in Jubail Industrial city, KSA-. The agreement entered on 19 December 2017 for 10 years applicable for renewal. The land will be utilized for one of Rifd Industry group’s projects named “Rifd Pipe Factory“.

Nov 2017: Rifd-Industry has completed the Engineering phase of its Piping Project and has obtained Issue-For-Construction (IFC) stamp on the 100% engineering drawings  from Royal Commission (RC). The project has entered the Construction Phase and three construction contractors have submitted their bid proposals. The plan is to hold the “Groundbreaking” ceremony on 1/1/2018.

June 2017Rifd-Industry has received land authority (Royal Commission) approval for the 90% Engineering package of Rifd Pipe Factory and granted the access to the project site to commence the construction activities.

March 2017Rifd-Industry participated in IHS Markit World Petrochemical Conference 2017 held in Houston, TX USA 20-24 March 2017. Major Petrochemical players in the level of C-suite (ExxonMobil, LyondllBasell, BASF, PetroChina, ..etc)  including IHS Markit’s experts presented the world petrochemical industry outlook and macroeconomic.

November 2016Rifd-Industry becomes member of Gulf Petrochemical & Chemical Association (GPCA). The association established in 2006 and represents the downstream hydrocarbon industry in the Arabian Gulf. GPCA voices the common interests of more than 240 member companies from the chemical and allied industries, accounting for over 95% of chemical output in the Gulf region. The industry makes up the second largest manufacturing sector in the region, producing up to US$108 billion worth of products a year.

October 2016Rifd-Industry attended the 2016 K-Fair (K-Show) which is considered the World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber that held in Düsseldorf, Germany

May 2016:  Rifd-Industry signed an Engineering contract with one of major engineering firm to carry out all engineering packages submittals (10% – 30% – 60% – 90%)  up to IFC drawings for Rifd Industry Pipe factory. The ceremony held at “Dar Consulting Engineers” head-office in Jubail Industrial city, Saudi Arabia

March 2016Rifd-Industry participated in IHS World Petrochemical Conference held in Houston, USA

March 2016: Rifd-Industry signs a contract with Osaimi Engineering Office who has prolong experience as geotechnic & material specialists. The signed contract was to carry out two major scopes; 1)project land Topographic Survey, 2)project land Geo-technical Investigation works.

January 2016: Rifd-Industry participated in GPCA PlastiCon-2016 held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

November 2015:   Rifd-Industry commenced techno-commercial study and negotiation with two SAP Golden partners. Rifd-Industry will integrate SAP ERP system in all of their functions and plants to automate all of the business processes, workflows, sales/distribution, and financial system. The integration of SAP ERP system will reflect on group performance, work & products quality, profitability, and customers satisfaction

October 2015: Rifd-Industry becomes a member in the “Industrial Committee” in Jubail Chamber of Commerce

September 2015: Rifd-Industry received officially a land allocation certificate from Royal Commission – Jubail Industrial city. The allocation certificate was received in an official ceremony that was held at Royal Commission Jubail headquarter. The allocated land will be for one of Rifd-Industry Company’s projects “Rifd Pipe Factory”.

September 2015: Rifd-Industry attended an exhibition in Seoul, South Korea on goods and materials

September 2015Rifd-Industry has been elected to be member of  “Businessmen Jubail Council” Asharqia Chamber of Commerce

June 2015: Rifd-Industry participated in  ACHEMA2015 held in Frankfurt, Germany

April 2015Rifd-Industry moved to the new head-office located in Jubail Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ……. Jubail Industrial City considered one of the most integrated chemicals/petrochemical city in the world and has the world-class supporting infrastructure and logistics

March 2015Rifd-Industry participated in the International Plastics Showcase NPE2015 held in Orlando, Florida U.S.A

March 2015: Rifd-Industry presented a Technical Paper in The World Congress of Smart Materials in Seoul, South Korea

February 2015: Rifd-Industry starts seeking to obtain ISO-9001

January 2015: Rifd-Industry participated in GPCA PlastiCon held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates